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Lil Bitch official video by Katie Got Bandz.
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this is so weird but firstly who are these kids are they famous why do they get to be on the ellen show

secondly why arent i on the ellen show 

thirdly the translator looks SOO good

fourthly the dancer dude looks good too no lie no homo no sus isnt he from somewhere some movie 

fifthly i am equally as cute as these kids follow my blog

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What ever happened to her?

Side burn Ashanti was dope.

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i’ve only met about 4 hip hop journalists who were black women and they all seemed and felt tired. i remember when i met dream hampton (who has quit hip hop writing) and she was telling everyone how she’s “post-verbal” because she’s tired of having to be the one who checks men all the time. she’s…

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I love Sam Spratt, he’s one of my favorite artists. The way he does portraits just amazes me. If you want to see more of his work you cant find it here.

Okay I would just like to say all those white artists in my classes complaining about how hard it is to paint brown skin. 😒😒😒😒😒😒 yeah sooo hard lmao

those same artist can paint brown soil, brown wood and labour over reworking beige skin over and over again doing washes and under coats…its not a matter of brown skin being hard but they simply do not care to put in the attention and care in painting it because its a brown person.

for them to paint brown skin properly like any other colour you paint, it would mean to treat the process of painting brown skin with the care, respect and labour and they can’t bring them selves to do but they can paint a trees bark really beautiful and carefully though

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I’ve never been ultra masculine or whatever. But, learning to vogue and waak made me realize how the ideas about masculinity are so out of whack, no pun intended. Like, other dudes in the bboy scene legit stopped talking to me because of it. Which is wild still to me. Cause like I guess they…

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Anonymous asked: How about those fans let Beyonce shop in peace, like damn, leave her alone and them following her to her hotel is creepy and dangerous.


!!!!!!!! Here’s something from Angie’s (her cousin) interview with Out: 

I do believe that if she could sing under a secret identity and still affect people and touch their lives that she’d rather not be famous. That, if she had her choice, she’d rather take off her shoes and do cartwheels in the park. That’s really who she’d like to be. But unfortunately that’s something you give up when you become as famous as she is. We’ve tried it many times. We tried it in London a few summers ago—Tina, Solange, and myself. We were riding bikes and just hanging out, and Beyoncé was at the hotel and was, like, “I’m coming!” And we waited, and she got there and arrived with a big crowd of people behind her. We tried to ignore it, but even in that moment she said, “You guys enjoy the day and I’m going to go.” And she left. But she doesn’t complain about it.

So sad 😭

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Talking with my roomie about how a lot of mainstream hip hop doesn’t reflect the times of today. Everyone got money and is doing great and doing them and doing it big. But reality is a lot of people are broke miserable and struggling. And then some of the men speaking to the real shit are also terrible human beings lol. My roomie was talking about slaughterhouse and joe budden and I was like well yea that nigga murdered his own baby beating on his ex so you know. The fuck this game is lol.

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Leontyne Price

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Anonymous asked: So what do you know/think about the Tupac rape charge?


That he didn’t do it. That he was framed. That the same police involved in shutting down the panthers were also involved in framing him.

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